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The team at the Center for Electrochemical Sciences at Ruhr-Universität Bochum: Stefan Barwe, Dr Corina Andronescu, Sandra Möller, Prof Dr Wolfgang Schuhmann and Dr Justus Masa (from left to right). The home-made apparatus shown in the background allows the scientists to simultaneously explore the long-term stability of up to ten catalysts without blocking the infrastructure for other measurements. © RUB, Kramer

Fixation of powder catalysts on electrodes

Angew. Chem.: The envisaged industrial application necessitates catalysts to do their job for years. This new method could assist in achieving it.

Chemists at Ruhr-Universität Bochum have developed a new method to tightly fix catalyst powders on electrode surfaces. Currently, the high physical stress induced on catalyst films by gas evolving reactions hampers the application of powder based catalysts. The developed technique is potentially interesting for hydrogen production by water electrolysis. A team involving Dr Corina Andronescu, Stefan Barwe and Prof Dr Wolfgang Schuhmann from the Center for Electrochemical Sciences reports on this in the international edition of Angewandte Chemie.



Leading actor: the solvent

Solvation Science and RESOLV featured in magazine Chemie in unsere Zeit

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