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©RUB, Marquard
©RUB, Marquard
©RUB, Marquard

2016: A year of achievements for RESOLV

Publications, new faculty, ERC and more on display at New Year's Reception

2016 stands out as a year full of far reaching milestones for RESOLV, and of growing collaborations. RESOLV Speaker Martina Havenith presented the results at the New Year’s Reception of the 20th of January. The cluster surpassed the mark of 500 peer reviewed publications, many of them being the result of a collaborative work. The integrated graduate school offers 100 doctorates a comprehensive and up to date scientific platform.

With the appointment of Prof.  Enrica Bordignon, Prof. Viktoria Däschlein-Gessner, Prof. Lukas Gooßen und Prof. Clara Saraceno at RUB, the cluster has anchored to itself a total of nine new professors since its launch in 2012. Moreover, the pan-European funding body ERC (European Research Council) awarded a total of 11,5 million € for the next five years to six RESOLV researchers.

Finally, one of the most important milestones ever for RESOLV was the Mai inauguration of ZEMOS, the new home of Solvation Science at RUB.

Leading actor: the solvent

Solvation Science and RESOLV featured in magazine Chemie in unsere Zeit

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