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International Women Scientist Meeting 2015

The second International Women Scientist Meeting was held on 16th and 17th of June, 2015 at the Ruhr-University in Bochum. The Meeting was organized by the International Female Faculty founded by RESOLV in collaboration with the NCCR MUST Network. More information on NCCR MUST can be found here.

We had the pleasure to welcome five international speakers from the US National Science Foundation, the National Academies, USA, DexLeChem, a start-up company in Berlin, and the Department of Chemical Engineering, Pittsburg University at the meeting. Professors Martina Havenith (Director RESOLV) and Ursula Keller (Director NCCR MUST) gave presentations about the female network in both clusters. Please find the program here and more information about the speakers and their talks below.

Lynnette Madsen presented the strategies of successful women in science. Erik Svedberg proposed mechanisms to increase the number of females and minorities in the selection of board members. Carol Bessel discussed the mechanisms of prejudice against women and minorities and how to overcome these. Sonja Jost provided insight into the process of founding of a start-up company and the obstacles she had to overcome. The lecture program was rounded off by a science talk from Judith Yang.

All talks were followed by intense discussions. Successful strategies to continue a scientific career during maternity leave and the resistance of even female colleagues against support for women were addressed during the discussions. The speakers provided detailed insight into the academic system of the USA and prepared the ground for discussions about the differences between the US and the German academic system.

During networking lunches and dinner on Tuesday, the participants enjoyed the opportunities for scientific as well as personal exchange. The meeting finished with active discussions at the Science Café and guided lab tours on Wednesday afternoon. Please find more information about the Science Café and the lab tours below.

We appreciated to welcome 10 participants from the NCCR MUST cluster, 15 women from RESOLV and 13 guests from the local institutes at the International Women Scientist Meeting in Beckmanns Hof. Three children of participants of the meeting enjoyed the two days of the meeting with the (male and female) day care staff from the Ruhr-University Bochum.

Some impressions of the meeting are shown below (images courtesy of Dr. Nina Winter).