Lecture Series on 11th and 12th of JUne

Internationally renowned speakers in the field of Solvation Science gave keynote talks on their research in 2019. The lecture series was organized by members of our Graduate School and Early Career Researchers. 

The lecture series on the 11th and 12th of June focused on Solvation on Solid Surfaces, Sustainable Chemistry and on Solvation under Extreme Conditions. Also a special lecture on the life as an editor was given by one of our lecturers. Please see below for a list of confirmed speakers.

Summer School Poster

Solvation on Solid Surfaces

NameAffiliationTalk Title
R. Kramer CampenFritz-Haber-Institut, GERWatching Electron Transfer at Electrified Solid/Liquid Interfaces in Real Time
Andrew HodgsonUniversity of Liverpool, UKSurface Wetting of Metals
Angelos MichaelidesUC London, UKIce and Water at Surfaces

Sustainable Chemistry: From Biomimetics to Organic Approaches

NameAffiliationTalk Title
Ulf-Peter ApfelRUB, GERFrom Biological Inspiration towards Industrial Catalysis: Problems and Requirements for Future Power-to-X Technologies
Ville KailaTU Munich, GERDeciphering Molecular Mechanisms of Long-range Charge Transfer in Biological Systems
Burkhard KönigUniversity Regensburg, GERVisible Light Photocatalysis: Basic Concepts, Recent Advances and Future Perspectives
Marc RobertParis Diderot University, FRMolecular Electrochemical Catalysis: From Basic Principles to Activation of Small Molecules

Solvation under Extreme Conditions

NameAffiliationTalk Title
Dominik HorinekUniversity Regensburg, GERHow Cells Survive Extreme Environment: Small (Molecular) Solutions for Big Problems
Hans Robert KalbitzerUniversity Regensburg, GERPressure Induced Conformational Transitions of Polypeptides in Aqueous Solution
Robert J. McMahonUniversity Wisconsin-Madison, USAOrganic Chemistry in Interstellar Space and Planetary Atmospheres
Eric VautheyUniversity of Geneva, CHWhen the Solvent Brings a little bit of Chaos in Ultrafast Photoinduced Charge Transfer Processes

Special Lecture

NameAffiliationTalk Title
Ruben RaggWiley-VCH, GER Special Lecture