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12.08.2013: Nine football teams fought it out behind the G-building at RUB.

Participating Team: AC United (AC I & II), ACBC-High Voltage (Analytical Chemistry), Biophysik (ND04), CES (Analytical Chemistry), Entropie RUB (PCI), Fachschaft, 1. FC MilibarCelona (PC I), Photonics (PC II), TC Reaktor 04 (Tech. Chemistry). 

Photonics and Biophysik won their heats and qualified themselves for the semi-finals. In an exciting final game, Photonics won the competition 3:0. There were quite a few spectators in attendance who watched from the sidelines and enjoyed the BBQ and beer. All in all, it was a fair competition with a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere, encouraging people to mingle and get acquainted. Some impressions of the Summer Festival are shown below (images courtesy of Mr. Matin Kaufmann).