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ECR Soccer Competition & Barbecue 2017

On 25th of August 2017 the annual ECR soccer competition and summer festival took place at the soccer fields behind the G buildings.

The goal: Assign the Chemistry Master's Cup - a long-standing tradition since 2013.

All groups within the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry were invited to participate. This year the following 8 groups staged the competition:

Group A
Photonics (Physical Chemistry  II)
FCKW (Student Representatives)
TC Reaktor (Technical Chemistry)
Theoretische Chemie 

Group B
Die Oberflächlichen (Physical Chemistry I)
CES (Analytical Chemistry)
AK Gooßen - Just do it! (Organic Chemistry I)
Schlenckchester United (Inorganic Chemistry II)

With each 9 Points the Teams Photonics and CES (Center for Eletcrochemical Sciences) won the group phase of the competition. 
In the quarterfinals they faced the second winners of the opposite group: TC Reaktor and AK Gooßen.

Semi-final and final presented us the winner of the ECR Soccer Competetion of 2017: CES gained a lightning victory!

1st CES
2nd AK Gooßen
3rd Photonics

The day was completed by a relaxed BBQ next to the soccer fields.